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Rox & San – A Creative Hand-crafted Wedding in Spain

Take my word for it… this couple are creative genius’s! Prepare to be blown away by the prettiness and remarkable attention to detail at the intimate wedding of photographers and artists, Rox and San. They literally did EVERYTHING themselves, from hand painting their invitations to designing the dress, picking and arranging their own flowers and taking all of the photographs themselves!! The list goes on and on and it takes DIY to a whole new level! Rox is Romanian, San is Dutch, and they live in Spain. They spend their time travelling, taking photographs, sharing the beautiful things in life and creating hand crafted albums. This is certainly one extremely unique, stylish and beautifully executed wedding. Make sure you read their touching proposal story below too! I really don’t need to say any more – the photos say it all. Pin it buttons at the ready…its gorgeous!!!
Rox and San Real Wedding
Rox and San Wedding
Real Wedding Valencia
Rox: “During a fitting, San came up with a great idea to have a beautiful floral fabric stitched inside my dress instead of plain white. So we bought a pretty fabric and once stitched inside, it turned out soo nice! When the dress was on, nobody could tell… it was just our little secret!”
Rox and San Invitations
Rox and San Wedding Invitations
Rox and San Wedding
Rox and San
Rox and San wedding
Rox and San Spanish Wedding
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Rox and-San Valencia Wedding
Wedding Table Decoration
Rox and San Wedding Photography
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Rox and San Garden Wedding
Rox and San rummaged around in their parents homes for their old wedding albums. They were badly damaged with age, the pages torn, and the value of the pictures lost. They surprised their parents on the day by presenting them with their own, very special handcrafted albums reset with the original photographs. It was a wonderful opportunity for their families to share memories, tell stories and a great conversation starter!
Rox and San Wedding
Rox and San Evening Reception


DATE: 21st September 2012


THE PROPOSAL: Amazingly, Rox and San only knew each other for 3 weeks before San proposed! When you know, well you just know don’t you?! San traveled to Valencia for a work trip and by chance, met Rox in a bar one night. San recalls sitting in the back of a cab, looking behind and watching Rox walk back to her apartment. He secretly promised her ‘I will come back for you…’
Rox: “This man kept his promise and within 3 weeks he was back in Valencia. Over a drink that night he just asked me out of nowhere “When?” I was confused and asked him…“What do you mean?” He then said “When do we get married?” We knew each other for less than a month, but somehow it all seemed so right! I simply said yes and jumped into his arms! Soon, San left everything behind in Holland and we moved in together in Valencia.


THE VENUE: We wanted to celebrate our wedding in Spain, because it is the place where we first met and we thought it was the perfect place for our families to meet for the first time. It was a very intimate wedding, celebrated with only our close family: parents, brother and sister, and their dates.We spent a long weekend in the beautiful surroundings of Valencia, where we had a simple civil ceremony and rented an authentic Spanish villa dating back to 1890. Here we organized a retro pool party and a garden-soiree with Spanish, Dutch and Romanian treats!


STYLE/ THEME: Our love of art, passion for vintage and authentic objects and our family history set the theme for the day. We framed a large collection of old family photographs and displayed these around the garden. Everything we used for the wedding was vintage and antique objects from our family collection or bought in antique markets during our travels. We also used our personal collection of vintage luggage and cameras. The signs, place cards and small decorative objects were all handcrafted by us!


PHOTOGRAPHY: Us! We took care of capturing every moment ourselves! We took pictures of each other, the guests and details (except during the ceremony) and had a great time too!


THE DRESS: Rox designed her own 50′s inspired silk and lace dress and had it custom made by a seamstress in Valencia. “I had always wanted to wear a short wedding dress. When I little I saw a picture of my great aunt on her wedding day, in the 50’s. It was the most beautiful gown and it was short! I never saw it again but the picture stayed in my mind and I always knew that on my wedding day, I wanted to look like that!


ACCESSORIES: I decided on an antique inspired bespoke silver necklace, adorned with natural pearls and a few Swarovski Crystals. It matched the dress beautifully and I chose a vintage silver hair clip to compliment it. I really wanted a bag for the day and when I couldn’t find anything I liked we decided to make one. We used a piece of silver leather and some of the floral fabric from inside my dress for the inside of the bag. A small detail that I absolutely loved!


THE SHOES: I also customized my shoes! I searched for the most comfortable heels I could find, applied three layers of silver glitter and then sealed them. They were perfect!


THE GROOM: San’s suit was inspired by his love of the style of dress in movies from the 50′s and 60′s. “I knew this was the perfect inspiration for my wedding suit. I picked a fabric in a color that suited me and went to a local tailoring store. I gave them my sketch and measurements, it was ready in 1 week!”


THE FLOWERS: We picked wild flowers from the gardens for our table decorations and I combined the same flowers with purple and pink roses for my bouquet.


THE STATIONERY: We hand painted our own invitations and combined this with calligraphy. They were printed on fine-art paper and sealed with wax stamps inside vintage style envelopes! We also designed and painted our own stamps, representing the three countries Romania, Holland and Spain. We made two different designs for the invitations as our wedding would be celebrated in both Spain and Romania. Spain is all about family, an intimate and simple celebration, that will help our families bond. In Bucharest we will take part of a religious ceremony followed by a celebration with more than two hundred guests, live music and all the family and friends together.


CATERING: Everyone present helped with cooking, and our mothers decorated the tables! The men were in charge of the drinks table! We served a mixture of Dutch cheeses and Spanish and Romanian meats. We drank Spanish and Romanian wines with our favourite Spanish dish Paella, followed by cocktails served by the pool.


THE CAKE: San’s mother baked an Apple Tart. It was delicious!


THE MUSIC: We prepared a short dance to Perry Como – Papa Loves Mambo. We just love this song, it has a funny vibe and story to it! We had a choreographer create a few dance steps and had so much fun trying to learn them!! Our dance was not perfect, but it definitely reflected our personalities. The memory of San spinning with me in his arms at the end is unforgettable!


THE ENTERTAINMENT: My brother was in charge of the music!


MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT: Seeing everyone together at the table, interacting and enjoying themselves despite the cultural and language barriers. We really felt that our wedding was not only our union, but also that of our families.


OUR TOP TIPS: Having my dress custom made by a local seamstress was a great money saving tip as was designing, planning and preparing everything together. It was a great opportunity to prove that we are a great team! Make sure you know what the legal requirements are when getting married abroad, that’s the part that takes the most time to arrange. We only had 4 months to arrange everything, but if you really want something, you can make it happen!



Photography: ROXandSAN | Venue: Privately hired from a friend | Florist: Arranged by family | Dress: Designed by Rox + made by seamstress Maria Angeles in Valencia | Groom: Designed by San | Stationery: ROXandSAN | Cake: San’s Mum


The beauty and detail in this wedding has blown me away, as I’m sure it has you! How cute does Rox look in her beautiful short dress too?! I love how the day was all about their families and was so intimate. You don’t have to spend a fortune on a huge wedding, sometimes your special day, spent with just your nearest and dearest is what its all about! Congratulations to Rox and San, wishing you both lots of happy times ahead!  We’d love to hear your comments on their beautiful day below…

Their creativity doesn’t stop here either, more to come on the blog soon from the talented ROX and SAN!


Mrs White x

Timeless Elegance – Anabela & Geoff

This is a real treat… the cutest couple imaginable, handmade details galore, a stunning flower crown, balloons, sparklers and smiles all round! Together, this creative couple run their own accessories and print shop in Toronto, hence all the stunning little details! Anabela also has her own beautiful blog, Field guided, which is well worth a look.

The lady behind the lens is the wonderful Celine Kim of Celine Kim Photography Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful wedding. I’m sure you’ll agree she has captured every moment perfectly and with such finesse.

After a four year engagement and initial intimidation from the thought of all the planning, this couple finally took the plunge and their day looked a lot like this…




























DATE: 15 September 2012


THE PROPOSAL: Whilst at home in the apartment we shared, I caught Geoff smiling to himself. “What is it?” I asked. He refused to say anything, but after ten minutes of laughter and my continuous pleas, he admitted that he had been planning to ask me to marry him for months, but didn’t have a ring for me. It was a low-key, hilarious proposal, and it was perfect!


THE VENUE: The ceremony was held in a church on the University of Toronto campus. We have both been connected to the university for over 10 years, and the older parts of the campus are among some of my favorite spots in the whole city. It meant a lot to me to be married there. The dinner and reception were held in a restaurant that belongs to one of my father’s oldest friends, located close enough to where a lot of our friends live that they could take cabs or even the bus home (a definite draw!).


STYLE/ THEME: Anabela & Geoff wanted quite a traditional wedding and were very against a specific theme. We decided to choose all the elements according to our taste and that way we figured our aesthetic would be consistent. We simply chose things we liked/ that were pretty and things that were shades of gold, silver, dark blue, pale pink, white, or grey!


PHOTOGRAPHY: Our photos were taken by my friend Celine Kim, and this is probably the first time in my life that I am excited to look at pictures of myself! 


THE DRESS: A friend of mine from Victory Patterns designed and made my dress for me and all 15 yards of silk chiffon + vintage beaded appliques were sewn by her. The back is my favourite part of it, so beautifully draped.


ACCESSORIES: I wore a pretty Twigs and Honey veil for the ceremony and the headpiece for the reception which was a custom creation from Lou Lou Loves You. It had white and pale pink roses throughout and tied at the back. I have to admit that I nearly chickened out of wearing it because it is such a statement! But I loved wearing it and I got so many compliments. A little girl at the wedding pulled roses out of the centrepieces and put them in her hair because she wanted to look like me. I don’t usually wear a lot of jewelry but I thought I would add a little sparkle and chose some rose quartz studs from Lulu Frost.


THE SHOES: I wore scallop edged blush pink sandals from See by Chloe. I was comfortable all day long!


BRIDESMAIDS: The bridesmaids wore beautiful plain navy silk dresses from Dace.


THE GROOM: Geoff’s suit was custom made in a gorgeous charcoal wool by Brooklyn Tailors, and it too was perfect. I highly recommend their suits, especially if you’re looking for a slim cut, modern suit. Geoff has never owned such a nice suit and we know he will get years of use out of this one. His shoes are Brooks Brothers and his tie is J. Crew Factory. I made the little pocket square.


THE FLOWERS: The flowers were all done by Alison at Coriander Girl. I trusted Alison completely, let her do her thing, and she went above and beyond with the flowers, which were one of the parts I cared about the most. I cried when I saw them!


DECOR + DETAILS: I made decorations, the ring pillow and designed all the wedding stationery with Geoff’s help. We also silk-screened a “Love is Sweet” design onto white cotton aprons to give out as favors. As with any creative endeavor, for every completed project there were at least two abandoned ones that were never finished or just didn’t work out, so our apartment looked like a wedding had exploded in there, full of ribbons, tulle, and paint all over!


THE STATIONARY: We designed our wedding invitations ourselves using a picture I took of the sky with my iPhone as the base. The photo we chose actually set the tone and colour scheme for the entire wedding.


THE CAKE: The cake was by my dear friend, Nikole Herriott, and it was so, so beautiful!


THE MUSIC: Having a super fun dance party was really important to us, and we didn’t trust ourselves with an iPod playlist, equipment set up, etc. Justin (from Indie Wedding DJ) was amazing! Our friends who remained past 1am booed when he had to stop playing. Our first dance was to ‘You’re Beautiful’ by Mojave 3, chosen for prettiness/ sentiment/ short length/ my history with it (I have loved Mojave 3 since the 1990s).


MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT: When I think back to our wedding, what I remember most is laughing a lot and it was really incredible to be surrounded by so many people I love.
So many huge smiles and so many sparklers out on the sidewalk. It was the most beautiful day.


OUR TOP TIPS: It was a fairly wedding-y wedding, traditional and large and decidedly not the small picnic we had intended to have years ago, and I loved it. It was totally worth not eating in restaurants for nearly a whole year and giving up lots of other things to save up for it!



Photography: Celine Kim | Florist: Coriander Girl | Dress: Victory Patterns | Veil: Twigs and Honey | Groom: Brooklyn Tailors | Bridesmaids: Dace | Hair: Ana Sorys Make-up: Mary at Eye Love | Stationary: Designed by Anabela & Geoff | Cake: Nikole Herriott | Entertainment: Indie Wedding DJ


There are so many lovely elements to their big day, I just love Anabela’s flower crown! It must have been so wonderful to be able to involve so many of their close friends as suppliers. It’s a great example of how you can draw upon your friends talents and expertise to help create your vision. I know not everyone has so many creative friends but if you do, they will of course know you and your style/ tastes better than others. The whole planning process and the results on the day would surely be much more personal when working with your friends. Wishing you both lots of happiness!

Mrs White x


I am so excited to share with you this most truly beautiful destination wedding. When Sarah & Will sent their photos across I was blown away. Sarah worked as a designer for Cath Kidson so there is some serious flower and colour action! The incredible styling and decoration all designed and hand-crafted by Sarah together with their super sweet love story make this just perfect!

Sarah married Will in the stunning setting of The Repulsive Bay in Hong Kong and the day was exquisitely captured by the talented Kong Wai of History Studio. They chose to get married in Hong Kong as it was where their story began many years ago as their grandparents were neighbors and their parents best friends! Although Sarah and Will were childhood friends, Will moved to Michigan when he was five and Sarah to London. It wasn’t until 20 years later Will visited Sarah in London and not long after Will proposed on the step of her Kensington flat – it was meant to be!

WTWW blog sarah and will 1
WTWW blog sarah and will 1
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WTWW blog sarah and will 3
WTWW blog sarah and will 5

WTWW blog sarah and will 8
Whiter than White Weddings Blog -Sarah and Will 9
Whiter than White Weddings Blog -Sarah and Will 9
Whiter than White Weddings Blog -Sarah and Will 9
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DATE:  20th October 2012


THE VENUE: The Repulse Bay, Hong Kong. We loved the colonial style building which housed the Verandah, it was the perfect size for us! We also loved the view from The Front Lawn, where we had our ceremony.


STYLE/ THEME: We didn’t have a theme as such as we wanted it to feel friendly and colorful! I adore florals so every chance I had we tried to incorporate them. During our wedding we had a traditional Chinese tea Ceremony. For Chinese weddings it is customary for the couple to kneel on the floor (as a sign of respect) and serve tea to the elderly members of the family. The family members bless the couple will gold jewellery or red pockets in return.


PHOTOGRAPHY: We chose Kong at History studio as we loved his cool, photojournalist style. Sarah and Will also had a beautiful engagement shoot at Sarah’s Kensington flat captured by the amazing Marianne Taylor, to see the images click here.


THE DRESS: My dress was called River by Rosa Clara and I bought it from La Salon Bridal in Michigan. I always though I wanted a soft, dreamy dress made in tulle but ended up with a structured silk organza dress! I tried on at least 20 dresses and none of them felt right, they were either too fussy or they drowned me. I just felt amazing, the moment I tried it on, I had no doubt it was the one.


ACCESSORIES: I wore a chapel length veil which was a special order as I really wanted a long blusher, it also had a three tier border on the back to echo the design of the dress. My earrings were vintage pearls and the fresh flowers in my hair matched my bouquet.


THE SHOES: I wore some sparkly Louboutin’s with my wedding gown and Jimmy Choo’s with my traditional Chinese dress.


BRIDESMAIDS: My bridesmaids wore Robert Rodriguez and the flower girls wore Laura Ashley.


THE GROOM: Will wore a Morning suit, with a Paul Smith shirt and shoes and a Silver Armani Tie in the morning. He changed into tux and tails with a White Zegna bow tie in the evening.


THE FLOWERS: I wanted the flowers to be multi-coloured and a mixture of different varieties, shapes and sizes. I chose Leucospermum’s for their shape and little Tweedia’s as I just love them.


DECOR + DETAILS: Sarah made all the DIY elements herself, I especially love the inspiration/ mood board that Sarah created. The board included elements from their wedding planning and special times they had spent together. The incredible paper floral arch was designed and made by Sarah as was the finger print signing sheet. The super talented Sarah used a mixture of her own floral prints for the pretty floral paper confetti cones, programs and table numbers!


THE STATIONARY: We made and printed our save the dates at home. For our wedding invitations we went for a really classic look, it was in English on one side and Chinese on the other.


THE CAKE: A cream fruit cake with cute felt bird cake topper.


THE MUSIC: We had a jazz band as I wanted to walk down the isle to a sax! The five piece band played during the reception and dancing. Our first dance was ‘So Close’ by Jon Mclaughlin.


THE HONEYMOON: We popped to Thailand for a four day mini moon after the wedding but are planning to go on a proper one next year. As our wedding was a “destination” wedding we didn’t have enough holiday days left!


MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT: Will was so choked up he couldn’t say his vows at all. I thought it was really sweet and in the evening his best man (who he’s known for 22 years) got all choked up too. It’s just too cute when guys get all emotional!


OUR TOP TIPS: I guess just make sure that the wedding is “you” and reflects you as couple.
Also, it’s OK to be “too clear” when talking to vendors, never assume they can read your mind! If there is information people need to know, make sure you give it to them. Friendly communication with vendors is key!



Photography:  Kong Wai at History Studio | Venue:  The Repulse Bay, Hong Kong | Florist:  My Elegant Wedding | Dress:  Rosa Clara, La Salon Bridal, Michigan | Groom: Paul Smith, Armani, Ermenegildo Zegna | Bridesmaids: Robert Rodriguez & Laura Ashley | Hair & Make-up: Sum Wong | Stationary: Designed by Sarah & Will | Cake Topper: My Merry Made | Entertainment: Ladybird & The Diamonds

How beautiful?!  Thanks so much to History Studio for sharing the beautiful images, the light in those dancing shots is mesmerizing!

I love how all of Sarah & Will’s hand-crafted ideas and decorations were a true reflection of them as a couple. It’s such a lovely idea to share all your wedding planning, inspiration and stories with your guests on a mood board displayed on the day. Often guests have no idea of the time and effort you put into your big day! Congratulations and big love to Sarah & Will on creating such a wonderful day, wishing you many happy years ahead… Mrs White x