a winter wonderland wedding

Just imagine you wake up to a blanket of snow on your wedding morning. OK, not heaps so none of your guests can travel but enough for you to get that fuzzy feeling like Christmas morning. Surely it doesn’t get anymore romantic than that!

So chances are you may not see snow on your big day but if your planning a winter wedding then feast your eyes on this imaginary winter wonderland wedding I’ve created just for you…

WTWW-winter-wonderland wedding

1. birch stars from cox & cox 2. via an early morning walk 3. source unknown 4. source unknown


Wear a beautiful long sleeved lace dress or dreamy gathered silk gown with antique jewels in your hair. I love this simple bouquet with dried brown leaves and pure white peonies all hand tied with linen ribbon.

wtww - winter-wonderland-1

1. via unravelledtales 2. Dolce & Gabanna 3. source unknown 4. Photo: Eric Kelley


Hang candles in glass jars from tree branches and snuggle up in reindeer skins and thick woolen blankets. I love this beautiful rustic cake with pine cones set upon a wooden log with inset tea lights – perfect in every way! Create a dreamy aisle by lighting a pathway in the snow with candles leading to your chapel where your guests are all waiting in the candlelight. All that’s left is to sing Christmas carols and say I do!

WTWW - winter-wonderland-3

WTWW blog -winter-wonderland-4

1. Photo: Matt Faber Photography 2. via dustjacketattic.tumblr 3. source unknown 4/5. Photos: Matt Faber Photography


How amazing would this be, to gather all your friends and family in a tiny chapel and say your vows! Make pretty wire chandeliers for a rustic touch and add moss and antique glass chandelier drops so they twinkle in the candle light. You could then hang these above your tables and they would tie in beautifully with stone urns overflowing with berries, dried hydrangeas, seed heads and greenery. Scatter cuttings of pine tree branches on a table with name tags for your guests to find their table whilst they sip celebratory mulled cider and wine.

WTWW blog - winter-wonderland-6

1. source unknown 2. Yvonne Koné 3. by Lotte & Bloom 4. via meggielynne.tumblr


Take your seats within a grand dining room as fires roar around you. For your flowers choose berry, crimson, and damson blooms with highlights of white and green. Place huge gold chocolate coins on the tables for your favours – everyone loves a chocolate coin! After dinner before you dance the night away, sip champagne cocktails (whiskey for the boys!) and serve a cheese platter with port, figs, red grapes and quince. Please, please someone have a wedding like this …

WTWW blog -winter-wonderland-5

1. by Saipua 2. Photo: Dan O’Day via 100 layer cake 3. girlyme via mycozymemories.tumblr 4. Photo: Douglas Friedman, Roman & Williams, New York Magazine 5. via myrevelment.com


Hope you found this inspiring, this post has definitely got me feeling very festive, I may even finally make a start on my Christmas cards… Mrs White x

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