Rubicon Bridal Collection

I cannot wait to share these astonishingly beautiful dresses with you today from New York City based wedding dress company Rubicon. It’s not that often that I’m completely and utterly blown away by every single dress in a collection, but this one gives me goose bumps! It ticks all the right boxes, ultra feminine yet edgy, delicate, modern and fluid, all cut in the most luxurious of fabrics. The photo shoot for the collection encompasses all of this with a dream like quality and a touch of drama – I love! Plus I talk to Creative Director, Lee Anne about the background of the brand, her inspirations and most importantly this beautiful collection.

Aurora Dress by Rubicon
Aurora dress by Rubicon
Daphne dress by Rubicon
‘Rubicon celebrates the complexities, truths, and freedoms of modern femininity. Inspired by vast natural landscapes, anthropology, and the concept of transformation, Rubicon aspires to empower modern feminine identity and sexuality through the fundamental idea of clothing. Founded in 2013, Rubicon is designed and made by hand in New York City.’
Lily wedding dress by Rubicon

When did you start designing bridal wear?

The collection started very organically. Last spring I walked into a bridal boutique in Manhattan to explore their vintage collection. I happened to be wearing a dress I had made and the owner loved it. She asked if could make bridal gowns as well. Two weeks later I brought in a few samples and they purchased two pieces on the spot! Rubicon really just evolved from that single experience. It is exciting to be finally creating a collection that is my own vision and I am really thankful for this time of creative freedom.

Lily dress by Rubicon
Lily lace wedding dress by Rubicon
Charlotte dress by Rubicon

What has inspired your bridal collection?

Femininity is the starting point for everything I create; Rubicon is inspired by female truths and transformation. Specifically for my current collection I am looking at a lot of David Hamilton’s photography, particular his book Dreams of Young Girl. I am also in love with the work from Italian design house, Studio Peregalli. The Roman Sculpture Court in the Metropolitan Museum of Art feeds my soul; ‘The Three Grace’ is a work that will never cease to inspire me.
Rubicon Wedding Dress Collection
Georgia wedding dress by Rubicon

Where do you seek your inspiration and what inspires you?

Galleries, museums, anthropology, books, films, music, flea markets, long conversations with dear friends late into the night. I find inspiration in everything. I keep boxes full of images that I have gathered over the years, and use them to create massive mood boards whenever I am working on a new body of work. This process is something I have done my entire life, it really motivates me.
Rubicon Wedding Dress Designer New York
Scarlet dress by Rubicon
Scarlet Wedding Dress by Rubicon
Scarlet wedding gown by Rubicon

As you are based in NYC, are there any plans to stock within the UK anytime soon?

I would love to eventually stock in the UK, but currently both of Rubicon’s lines, Bridal and Collection, are only sold in NYC.

Do you offer a bespoke dress service?

Yes, I do offer a bespoke service, but only to clients who are in the New York metro region.
The only downside for us Brits, is at present Rubicon only sell these dreamy gowns direct from their design studio in NYC!! So unless your planning a little shopping trip (now there’s an idea!) then it could prove a bit tricky getting your hands on one. Watch this space though, with a collection like this I’m sure it won’t be long before these beauties are gracing the rails in a boutique near you! As for all our American readers you have no excuses, head on over to her design studio and get trying on some of these gorgeous gowns!
These stunning dresses start at $1990 and further prices are available upon request. For more details or to arrange an appointment you can contact Rubicon here.

Coming to the blog next week… I have a very exciting collaboration to share with you, brimming with beautiful inspiration and daily posts. Watch this space!
Mrs White x

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