Parma Violets

Violet and purple are personal favourites of mine – they have an utterly romantic edge without looking too girly. There’s something about the many different tone and colour levels you can incorporate with this colour scheme that always wins my heart. To create depth and richness to your palette, mix mauve, deep crimson or aubergine tones together. These work wonderfully for a autumnal or winter wedding. You can just as easily brighten and freshen the palette for a summer wedding too by incorporating cooler dusty blues, pinks and pastel tones with brighter purple pops of colour. Its such a versatile, romantic and soothing colour scheme!


Parma Violet Moodboard | Whiter than White Weddings

Credits: 1. via We Heart It | 2. Elie Saab vis ArtDornment | 3. Photo: Ali Harper via Pinterest | 4. via Fab Findings | 5. Colin Cowie Weddings | 6. via We Heart It | 7. via Refinery 29 |


Parma Violet Mood board | Whiter than White Weddings

Credits: 1. Photo: Michel Zoeter via Stylesight | 2. Photo: Linda Trine via Thedphoto | 3. Alan Benson Photography | 4. Cocktails: Kate Preftakes Photography | 5. Photo: Jonny Lindh | 6. Style me Pretty | 7. Hitched Magazine |


No matter what the time of year, there are always an abundance of purple hued flowers in bloom. For a soft and romantic look, place pretty stems in a mass of old lilac and clear glass medicine bottles on your tables. I love the different tones in the purple fabric napkins which very cleverly double up as place names and the flower stems wrapped inside as favours!


Parma Violet Floral Moodboard | Whiter than White Weddings

Credits: 1. Photo: Anna Hardy via Rocknrollbride | 2. via Photo Problem | 3. Which Goose Etsy | 4 & 5. via Tiny White Daisies | 6. Reverie |


I am currently obsessed with delicate flower heads on cakes – the one below right is one of my favourites and so easy and inexpensive to achieve over a simple butter iced sponge cake. Don’t forget a display of beautiful apothecary and old sweet jars filled with parma violets too!


Parma Violet Inspiration | Whiter than White Weddings

Credits: 1. Style me Pretty | 2. Every Cake You Bake | 3. Martha Stewart | 4. via The Little Big Company |


Hopefully I have inspired you with these mood boards to consider this stunning palette…
Mrs White x

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