Katya Katya Shehurina

Last month I attended The National Wedding Shows press event and had the pleasure of seeing firsthand the beautiful wedding dresses from Latvian designer Katya Katya Shehurina. My word they are pretty; think ultra feminine, graceful and slinky silhouettes, made from the most delicate French lace elements, all laid over luxurious Italian silk slips. Most dresses in the collection can be adapted by simply changing the silk slip beneath, enabling you to very easily transform the look of your dress from day to night without the expense of another dress! Such a brilliant idea and with a gorgeous colour palette from white, golden, putty and blush to deep damson and cerise tones, you can quite drastically change your look. Since launching her first independent boutique in 2011 in London town, the brand has gone from strength to strength and should most definitely be on your radar and more importantly, your dress shopping hit list!


katya katya shehurina
Elizabeth dress | Katya Katya Shehurina



Katya Katya Shehurina


I was lucky enough to talk to Katya about her latest collection, inspirations and process of finding ‘the one’…


How and when did you start designing bridal wear?
During my studies at ESMOD in Paris and during my internships in bridal wear I focused on haute couture dresses, so it was always in the making. However, my first collections contained a lot of everyday wear purely because I had so many ideas and wanted to try various things. The launch of our first boutique in London helped us to better understand the needs of today’s woman. Special occasion wear really makes you feel great and I just love the way wedding and evening dresses look on women. We have completely revamped our style towards garments for special occasions and life’s happiest moments. At the same time, we have kept some of the versatility from the everyday collection to make our dresses more flexible.


Katya Katya Shehurina Dresses



What has inspired your latest bridal collection?
Our latest bridal collection is inspired by the beauty of femininity, the lightness of happy moments in life and the gentle touch of lace, which always features heavily in our collections.


Katya Katya Shehurina


Where do you seek your inspiration?
It is complicated to understand where it comes from. I believe ideas are somewhere in space and all you need to do is focus on something really hard to be able to catch them. The more complicated task is transforming creative and artistic thoughts into real dresses. We spend a lot of time making sure that our dresses are easy to wear, comfortable and durable.


Katya Katya Shehurina
Katya Katya Shehurina
Katya Katya Shehurina


Which other designers inspire you the most, and why?
I love Vivienne Westwood for her very unique style. I also love Karl Lagerfeld for his ability to keep the DNA of the Chanel brand so pure whilst showcasing quite different collections every season. Christian Lacroix is another one of my favourites, primarily for the astonishing decorative masterpieces he has created for Lacroix couture.


Katya Katya Shehurina
Katya Katya Shehurina


You offer a tailor made service for your dresses. How does the process work from the initial meeting to the finished dress?

The process would entail a meeting or two with the bride to determine their preferred style and to fully understand the vision of their “dream dress.” Your dream dress could be based on very unconscious things, and we need to discover what they are! We will then propose a few sketches of the dress for our client to choose from. We will go through the fabric and colour in a lot of detail and the next step would then be in our studio trying to manufacture the dream, which needs much patience and hard work from our team. We usually plan a few fittings prior to the final dress being delivered, to ensure that we get the dress done in the most accurate way. Overall, the process could take up to 6 months, but on some occasions this could be shorter. It is really specific from dress to dress and from bride to bride. This is why it is so inspiring!


Katya Katya Shehurina


Do you have any top tips to pass on to a Bride-to-be looking for the perfect wedding dress?
I think the most important thing is to try and imagine your dream dress, then try to find a good compromise between the “dream” shape of the dress and the one that makes your body look the best way possible. To do this you need to try on a lot of dresses to ensure you don’t skip The One! Also, don’t be afraid to experiment, we see quite a lot of brides that have certain “images” in their head. However, they do not necessarily end up with the dress that matches this vision, purely because they end up with a dress that suits them better in practice.

Gorgeous in every way I’m sure you’ll agree and more good news is that prices start at £550 for the short dresses! For appointments please contact the boutique direct or head on over to Luella’s Boudoir in Wimbledon Village, London who have recently started stocking these beautiful gowns.

Mrs White x


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