Katrin & Matthew | A Pretty Street Festival Wedding

I’m completely and utterly blown away by the sheer beauty and romance of this stunning street party wedding.

Following a romantic proposal in the rain, complete with flamingos and pelicans, Matthew & Katrin set to work, organizing their very own street festival wedding. The couple actually closed off Katrin’s parents ‘leafy’ street in Cape Town to host the reception! Think a divine matte sequin column dress, a wild flower bouquet, four-leafed clovers, dinner in an historic watermill, all washed down with home-brewed beer – Perfection!

The stunning photographs were beautifully captured by Deon and Irene from Modern Hearts Photography. They are the most talented photographers, I defy you not to fall in love with literally every single photo on their website!

Words cannot describe how beautiful this is…


Katrin & Matthew Wedding | Photo Modern Hearts
Katrin & Matthew Invite


THE STATIONERY: Matthew’s an art director and I’m an illustrator, so we simply made our own, drawing on a mixture of symbols that were special to us – pelicans, foliage, recycling and rosy-tinted specs!


Katrin and Matthew Wedding


DECOR + DETAILS: Matthew and Katrin filled their day with personal touches and DIY details. I just love the paper crown garlands strung across the street! Friends and family played a huge role by supplying chairs and antique tablecloths to brewing beer, baking cakes and decorating the street itself!


Katrin and Matthew WTWW Blog


THE DRESS: My godmother is a fashion design lecturer and very graciously made my simple, matte sequin column dress, exactly to my specifications. I decided not to wear any accessories at all. Three days before the wedding I found my favourite blue orchid on a mountain hike and decided to wear it in my hair. I would never otherwise condone picking flowers on the mountain, but thought just this once.




THE GROOM: My husband wore a crisp white shirt and a blue linen blazer from Zara. He wore one of our favourite designs from our own small limited cotton tie enterprise ‘Good Heavens‘. Both of us wore brown leather shoes we’ve loved and worn for years.


Katrin & Matthew
First Look Katrin and Matthew
Real Wedding Katrin and Matthew
Katrin + Matthew
Whiter than White Wedding Blog - Katrin and Matthew
Confetti Moment Katrin and Matthew


THE FLOWERS: My mum and I had a huge amount of fun picking flowers at a rose farm and collecting natural foliage from hedgerows and neighbouring gardens in the mornings leading up to the wedding. Friends and family brought armfuls of foliage from their own gardens the day before and my bridesmaids and I pulled together some very wild but charming bouquets and centre pieces in the nick of time.


Katrin & Matthew Real Wedding
K & M Reception
Katrin and Matthew Reception


THE CAKE: I invited 7 of our wedding guests to each make their favourite simple cake for our cake table. Our friend brewed 100 bottles of beer and we also served gin & tonics, elderflower cordial and sparkling water.


Beautiful Simple Wedding Cakes
Katrin and Matthew Wedding Bouquet
Whiter than White Weddings / Real Wedding


PHOTOGRAPHY: Deon and Irene from Modern Hearts. We simply loved their aesthetic. Nothing other than documentary style would do for us since we’re both terribly camera shy. Their clean, sensitive and friendly (but also romantic) approach appealed to us. Of course, they are also really lovely people who understood us well.


Portrait Wedding Shots
Katrin & Matthew Wedding Day
Street festival Wedding
Street festival Wedding / Modern Hearts photography
street festival wedding
Outdoor Wedding


THE MUSIC: Our first dance was to ‘Home’ by Edward Sharpe and the magnetic Zero’s. The lyrics “Home is wherever I’m with you” say it all.


Katrin and Matthew / The First Dance



DATE: Summer 2013


THE VENUE: We married in my family’s church in Rondebosch, Cape Town, in the neighborhood I grew up in. The ceremony was presided over by a minister we have deep respect for. Our cocktail hour was held in my parents’ leafy street, a short walk from the church. We had it closed off for the afternoon and enjoyed home-brewed beer, cake and live guitar. We followed this with dinner and dancing at a restaurant housed inside an historic watermill on the river – also in the same neighbourhood.


STYLE/ THEME: Although we both work in the creative industry, we decided to keep decorations to a minimum. We decided not to have favours, yet something special came up. In the eight months or so of our engagement, the two of us kept finding four-leafed clovers on walks with the dog and the occasional weekend away from the city. When we reached 20 we thought it must be some kind of a miracle and kept hunting for them up to two weeks before our wedding. We found sixty in total – which we pressed and presented to our wedding guests for love, luck, faith and happiness.


MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT: The strong feeling of presence and security I had all throughout the ceremony. And the moment Matthew and I took to be alone after the speeches topped it all. We stood in the dark under the trees, near the river and felt affirmed in everything that was good and right in the world.


OUR TOP TIPS: There are plenty of prescriptive ideas and opinions about weddings out there (some wise, some manufactured) which any couple intending to marry will be faced with. I think its very important to filter these ideas and only plan what feels right, real and special to you. Use local suppliers. It’s not for everybody and can take up a lot of time, but it suited our budget very well doing our own stationery and flowers.



Photography: Modern Hearts Photography  | Venue: Josephine Mill  | Florist: Family & Friends  | Dress: Bride’s Godmother  | Men’s ties: Good Heavens  | Stationery: Katrin Coetzer 


If like me you were swooning over talented Katrin’s hand-painted illustrations on their invitations then head on over and check out her beautiful website Katrin Coetzer.


See what I mean about the amazing photography! I adore how Deon and Irene have captured those special tender moments so naturally in the portrait and first dance shots. A huge thank you for sharing this incredible day with us.

Mrs White x

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