Simple Succulents & Adorable Air Plants

I’m a little bit obsessed with succulents and air plants so when I discovered the stunning artistry of LA based florist Robin Humphrey I knew I had to share these amazing whimsical plants with you. As usual I got a little carried away and this has turned into a whole inspirational piece on how to include these beautiful and unusual plants in your big day. I understand they are not everyones cup of tea but they are incredibly charming and over recent years have soared in popularity within the wedding industry. I cant see this changing anytime soon and if, like me you have a soft spot for these special plants then read on…


Air Plant Wreaths

Credits: | All Robin Charlotte


The brilliant thing about air plants is that they require no soil because water and nutrients are absorbed through the leaves, so you can treasure your arrangements, bouquet or wedding wreath for many years to come in your own home. This makes an air plant arrangement a rather unique, green, sustainable and in-expensive keepsake, long after your celebration. With over 500 species, air plants are native to The West Indies as well as Central and Southern America and are commonly found growing in treetops. English brides to be fear not though, you can actually buy these stunning plants from specialists in the UK too where they are specially acclimatised for our British weather! (see credits at end of article). The plants are incredibly easy to care for, requiring just a light mist feed and a bright place beside a window. Nearly all of the varieties flower too!


air plant wedding wreath

Credits: | All Robin Charlotte


I love these gorgeous wreaths from Robin Charlotte, they would look incredible dotted around a marquee or displayed at a woodland wedding. These plants are so versatile that I think they would look equally great as part of a modern city wedding! Robin approaches each arrangement like, ‘a piece of fine art, specifically a painting, working organically mixing living air plants with live seasonal and hand-dried florals.’ Genius!!!


How about incorporating succulents and air dried plants into your bouquet? The earthy, fresh green and soft purple palette is so pretty but in a really sophisticated and understated way. By using a mixture of succulent and air plant varieties together with berries, herbs and scabious flower heads you can create a wonderful, texture filled bouquet that will still be alive long after the honeymoon!


succulent and air plant bouquets

Credits 1. Style me Pretty | 2. English Garden Design | 3. Green Wedding Shoes | 4. Botanica Floral Design


There are endless ways you can incorporate these unusual plants into your venue decorations. If you are having long tables, place branches with planted pockets of air dried plants and succulents for a stunning rustic table-scape. They look great amongst mosses, ferns and orchids so you can really create your own woodland wonderland. How pretty are the arrangements sat within the glass cloches? The odd bright flower dotted amongst the arrangement adds a splash of colour and keeps the look fresh. These would look amazing en masse as a table centerpiece.


succulent table decoration

Credits 1. Jen Huang | 2. Flora Grubb | 3. Hollye Schumacher Photography via Wedding Chicks | 4. Beth Helmstetter

Succulent Pedestal and Styling

Credits 1. James Fitzgerald | 2. via Plascon Trends


As much as I love an overflowing floral pedestal arrangement – how incredible are these alternatives?! If you are having a church wedding these would look very effective placed at the alter, teamed with fern and succulent pew ends. You could then place the arrangement in your house or garden after the day too!

Miniature succulents and air dried plants make perfect favours and double-up as place cards too! You can easily pick up succulents for a couple of pounds from garden centres or online. Then just plant them in a pot of your choice from plant pots and mismatched china vases and tea-cups to exotic shells! If you are on a tighter budget you could simply wrap them in brown paper or pretty printed paper to match your colour scheme. Cut-out card in different shape templates, attach to wooden sticks and you have some rather effective name place cards!


Air plant and Succulent Wedding Favours

Credits: From top left | 1. SF Girl By Bay | 2. Robin Charlotte | 3. You & Your Wedding | 4 & 5. Robin Charlotte | 6. In Spaces Between

air plants and succulents

Credits 1. Brides | 2. Wedding Wire | 3. Floridian Weddings | 4. Whiter than White Weddings


Succulents make the prettiest cake decorations and toppers as demonstrated in these beautiful examples and help to tie the whole look together. I love how the succulent leaves were taken apart and mixed with flower petals to create the most incredible patterning on the simple white cakes below…


Succulent Wedding Cake Decoration

Credits 1. Aaron Snow Photography via The Natural Wedding Company | 2. Photo: ae martin photography via The Natural Wedding Company | 3 & 4. That Wondrous Time


Its really easy to keep some modernity and inject pops of colour into your succulent and air plant displays – as shown below. I love the spray painted shells (perfect for a beach wedding!) and succulent letters. I think your succulent filled initials would look pretty amazing propped up on a cake/guest book table and equally as good in your lounge as a little reminder of the day!


Quirky Succulent Styling

Credits 1. Casa Sugar | 2. Mighty Goods | 3. The Bohemian Bride | 4. Robin Charlotte

Succulent Wedding Inspiration | Whiter than White Weddings

Credits: 1. Robin Charlotte | 2. A Story Book Life


I’ve really enjoyed learning all about these marvelous little plants and they are just so, so pretty! Is anyone thinking of styling their day with air plants and succulents? Would love to hear if you are! As I mentioned previously, succulents are readily available from garden centres and online shops in the UK. Air plants are a little trickier to find, but check out these options as a starting point…
Just Air Plants (online shop / lots of varieties / sold individually) | Philo Flowers (florist based in London) | Robin Charlotte (LA based florist / online Etsy shop)

Mrs White x

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