Scarlet Rose

I have recently been irresistibly drawn to the colour scarlet! Scarlet is not a colour traditionally associated with weddings but if you take inspiration from these boards and mix pretty with edgy then its entirely possible to incorporate into your day. It is an undeniably sexy hue, yet when mixed with soft whites, creams, crimsons and pinks it becomes a rather more subtly alluring and romantic colour palette. I really do love an elegant silk cream gown paired with a classic red lipstick and an eclectic and colourful bouquet! Anyway, I’ll let these inspiration boards do the talking…


Scarlet Rose Inspiration | Whiter than White Weddings Blog

Credits: | 1. via Pale Green Moth | 2. via Black Shivers | 3. via Masscovers | 4. Photo: Ali Mitton via The Lane |


Scarlet and Damson Inspiration | Whiter Than White Weddings Blog

Credits: | 1. Pinterest | 2. Flowers: Absolute Flowers | 3. Photo: Alejandra Vidal of Imaginale Design via Burnetts Boards | 4. Flowers: Flowers from the Plot |


Scarlet and Garnet Inspiration | Whiter than White Wedding Blog

Credits: | 1. via weheartit || 2. The Fashion Tag | 3. via brittanickel.tumblr | 4. via ProofKiss |


Hope you all have a lovely bank holiday! I’m super excited as I’m off to Chelsea Flower Show…
Mrs White x

2 thoughts on “Scarlet Rose

  1. Joanne Spencer

    You are SO right about having a little pop of red, I find it’s actually one of my least favourite colour themes for a wedding, but if someone has a fresh take on it, or uses it as an accent colour it can be so uplifting!

    Really love these mood-boards, keep them coming! :) x

    1. Clare White Post author

      Thanks so much Joanne! It’s my least favourite colour too, but love when it is combined with pops of purple and soft pink. xx

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