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A few months ago the Pinterest team got in touch to invite me to be involved in their ‘Pin it Forward UK Campaign‘. After having the concept explained to me I had no hesitation in becoming part of it. I absolutely LOVE Pinterest so happily attended the launch party for the campaign and had a lovely evening meeting the Pinterest team and fellow bloggers, sipping cocktails and eating sweets! The campaign includes 300 UK bloggers and over a 30 day period, they will all be giving insights into how they use Pinterest and sharing their very favourite boards with you. I found it incredibly hard to pick my favourite but in the end decided upon my ‘White Wedding’ board‘. This is where you will find all of the prettiest and most stylish wedding dresses! Here is a little snippet from my board, I hope it inspires you to find your dream dress…




I actually only got my act together and joined Pinterest around 8 months ago! For some unearthly reason I kept putting it off and never actually joined when planning my own wedding (major mistake on my part!). At the time I couldn’t deal with any more visual wedding stimuli, from following every wedding blog under the sun to the constant supply of magazines on my doormat, I was overwhelmed! Looking back, our planning would of been one hell of a lot easier if I had embraced Pinterest sooner. Seriously, I had the biggest wedding folder, scraps of paper all over our flat, magazine cuttings and mood boards. All of which very nearly pushed the boy over the edge! If only I had joined Pinterest! I am sure most of you are already aware of Pinterest but if not it’s an invaluable source of prettiness and inspiration for all brides to be. It’s like a visual online scrap book and works in a similar way to a pin board, where you can collect and organize all of your very favourite images. You can create different folders and pin photos you like from blogs and websites or you can upload images yourself. I have 33 boards containing nearly 4000 pins ranging from bloomin’ lovely flowers, pretty lace and cakes to colour and home inspiration. So you could say I spend a fair amount of time on there!




Wouldn’t it be great if you could actually live inside your Pinterest boards?! I often dream of what it would be like if my boards were my real life. What I love about it is the escapism, to this super pretty place where I can inspire, dream, aspire to and without fail, be inspired. It is an invaluable source of daily inspiration for my blog and day job as a textile designer. You can also create secret boards where I gather print and colour inspiration for next seasons collections and collect ideas for future blog posts. What’s brilliant is that each pin takes you back to the original source where the image came from. I even have a secret board where throughout the year I pin presents ideas for my friends, family and sometimes myself (in the hope that the boy will find it!).


Blooming Lovely | Wedding Flower Inspiration | WTWW Pinterest


I also use Pinterest daily to share images and inspirational ideas from my own blog and prettiness I come across from other websites. So if you haven’t yet joined Pinterest and are looking for an endless supply of stylish and design-led wedding ideas then come over and see what all the fuss is about… a word of warning though – it is incredibly addictive!


You can click here, on this special link to join Pinterest and follow my boards!


Flower crowns and Veils Inspiration | WTWW blog


Out of all the social media networks, it is by far my favourite, I love the fact that you have an insight into the style and taste of the people you follow. As they say ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. I can instinctively tell from my favourite pinners and friends who has pinned certain photos (think that might reveal what an addict I am!)

Wedding Cake Inspiration | Whiter than White Weddings Blog


I have discovered so many amazing companies, blogs and people through Pinterest, it really is an endless supply of inspiration in every sense of the word! I now pass you over to the lovely Anna from twobirds bridesmaid. Be sure to check out her post for Pin It Forward UK and gorgeous boards tomorrow…
Pinterest Love | Whiter than White Weddings Blog
Hope you have enjoyed taking a little peek into my Pinterest world. I would love to hear who your favourite pinners are. Feel free to drop me a comment below and I’ll make sure I check them out… Happy Pinning!
Mrs white x

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  1. Lauren Michaels

    Thanks for participating in Pin It Forward UK, Clare! That would be so neat to live in one of your Pinterest for the day! You have found the most amazing wedding inspirations on Pinterest- I can’t stop looking through all of your boards! Your white weddings board is filled with gorgeous gowns – the details on the Temperley London dress is beautiful! Lauren, Community Coordinator

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