I Heart Bon Bon Balloons!

So the forecast this weekend was downgraded from the sunshine we were promised but I have something to brighten your day, think rainbow colours, confetti and lots of smiles… Introducing Bon Bon Balloons, the most beautiful and stylish balloons for your big day! You may well have come across this company before, but if not, make a note of them now. From their studio in North London, (yes they are based in the UK!) they create beautiful, hand crafted, decorative strings to tie to their super smashing balloons. They can even be individually designed so they’re unique to you or your recipient.



The lovely people at Bon Bon offer a fully bespoke service and will work with you on your own colour scheme and ideas to produce a truly unique display at your reception venue. Or how about an alternative to flowers at your ceremony or giving each of your flower girls/ bridesmaids one to hold instead of a bouquet?
What I love about balloons is that like flowers, they just simply make you smile. There’s something incredibly uplifting about them and when they are filled with sparkles, confetti and tied with pretty strings such as these, they are taken to a whole new level!
You can also send a Bon Bon Balloon as a gift for any occasion. You can order online, it will arrive in a box and when opened float up and the strings will carry your own personalized message – how lovely is that! I think it would be a brilliant gift for your boy to receive on the morning of the wedding with a little reminder of just how much you love him…

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