Our Wedding Stationery

I came across some photos the other day that I took of our wedding stationery and thought I would share them with you. Rich and I designed and screen-printed them ourselves at a local studio. We decided to do this to try and save some money but inevitably by the time we took into account all the materials and renting the studio space it probably got close to what we would have paid if we had got someone else to print them. It was actually quite fun but neither of us envisaged how much hard work it was going to be. We hadn’t screen printed since university but of course we both new best, it was quite amusing and luckily no one else was in the studio to hear our bickering!
The idea for the stationery began with a drawing I did of an old vintage heart locket that my Mum had given to me as a child with my parents wedding photograph inside. This became a bit of a theme for the invites and different aspects of the day. We also found an image of a typographic chalk board design and liked the retro feel of it. We decided to mix lots of different fonts and hand drawn illustrations together and wanted a 1930′s feel to them. This is the inspiration board I put together with all of the different elements.




1. Photo: © Whiter than White Weddings


1. Photo: © Whiter than White Weddings


1. Photo: © Whiter than White Weddings

© Whiter than White Weddings

1. Photo: © Whiter than White Weddings


For our order of service we used elements from the invites and made little booklets. We made the envelopes from a translucent paper similar to vellum and screen printed the heart illustration I drew onto brown gum paper. This made little stickers which we used to seal the envelopes. We were pleased with the end result but it took forever to make each one and drove us a bit crazy! I remember the whole family sat round on Boxing Day making them!!

The finished product… all photographed by Chloe @ Caught the Light.


Photos: Caught the Light

Photo: Caught the Light

1. Photo: Caught the Light


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