Tori Hancock Photography

I am so excited to share with you the beautiful Wedding photography of Tori Hancock. You may recognize the name from her super lovely blog Wellies and Vogue, of which I have been an avid fan for the past few years. Tori takes the most beautiful photos that I regularly drool over on her blog, so I was thrilled to hear that she had launched her own wedding photography business last year. She effortlessly blends documentary, fine art photography, and photojournalism to produce unique and natural images. Just take a look below at a selection of the stunning weddings Tori photographed last year and then book her for your wedding, quick, before everyone else does!


Tori Hancock Photography

Tori Hancock Photography











Now, they are very lovely aren’t they? The icing on the cake is that Tori and her husband Oli had the most incredible wedding of their own, held on the family farm in Norfolk and photographed by the lovely Chloe @ Caught the Light. It was an explosion of colour, fun, love and happiness. I think every bride to be has a handful of weddings that they admire every last detail of and hope that if their own special day could be a fraction as lovely then they’ll be one happy lady. Well The Wellies Wedding was mine, it’s just utterly gorgeous and I fell a little bit in love with those flowers…!



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