Add a touch of romance and vintage glamour to your day with pearls, pearls and more pearls! From stunning dress embellishments and soft subtle detailing on veils to dramatic pearl jewellery, there are endless ways to incorporate pearls when styling your day. Pearls can look a bit twee at the best of times and I’m no fan of a fake pearl necklace draped around a floral arrangement or china tea-cup! I’m talking about beautiful dresses with pearl embellishments, pearl strung chandeliers, maybe even a vintage pearl handbag with a simple silk dress. The key here is less is more, especially if you are wearing them!



1. Photo: Caught the Light | 2. Via: lextravagance.tumblr | 3. | 4. Marchesa via Vogue | 5. BHDLN | 6. J Crew


Pearl chandeliers look so beautiful and work in lots of different locations, either hanging in a marquee or a barn or mixed with glass chandeliers in a country house reception. They would look equally stunning hung in trees in a garden. There are no rules, just the more the merrier. We hung vintage pearl chandeliers in our pavilion tent at the reception (see photo above, top left). They were set up on a dimmer switch creating a beautiful soft, iridescent light during the day and in the evening added a touch of glamour to the dance floor! As the pearls aren’t transparent like glass, you can quite easily hide a string of battery powered fairy lights inside to create a lovely warm glow. You can pick up old damaged vintage chandelier frames quite cheaply from E-bay or car boots etc and replace the glass drops with strings of pearls. Or how about buying old broken strings of antique pearls and loosely tying them around your napkins on the tables…

A stunning statement pearl necklace like the one above from J Crew’s current collection would look amazing with a simple slinky dress. As would these gorgeous 30′s inspired Swarovski crystal and glass pearl earrings from BHLDN. Or how about wearing your Granny’s old vintage pearl necklaces and layering them with simple skinny chains and pendants. That’s your something old, something new and something borrowed covered!



1. Dress: Tex Saverio | 2. Via: hitchedtodeath.tumblr | 3. Aspen Mays – Punched Out Stars 5 | 4. Valentino

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