I searched high and low for an original vintage wedding dress whilst searching for ‘the one’. I tried and failed to fit into my Mum’s silk dress from the 70′s (the zip was just not going up, no matter how hard I pulled it!). My poor sister was dragged around every vintage fair in London and braved many a cold morning with me searching antique fairs and Portobello Market. Sadly to no avail! Before and after I did come across lots of wonderful shops that offered original dresses and very beautiful vintage inspired gowns. I loved the dress I chose in the end but if I’m honest the search for it was quite hard. I knew exactly what I wanted – lace, beautiful lace, preferably antique lace!, slim fitted and with lace sleeves. Easy I thought, I’m usually very decisive but with so much choice I quickly became very hesitant! When your spending a lot of money it suddenly becomes quite a big deal. Hence, I gave up searching for my perfect vintage dress and then found two vintage inspired dresses that I couldn’t choose between – I very nearly flipped a coin! I was so relieved when I finally decided on the ‘Honeysuckle’ dress from Temperley, as was my sister!

So I thought I would share my findings of beautiful original gowns and where to buy them in England…



1. Sally Lacock | 2. Photo: Debs Ivelja | Dress: Véronique Miljkovitch | via Rock & Roll bride | 3. unknown | 4. unknown


1. via etsystatic | 2. antique chiffon tea dress c.1910 | 3. Edwardian tea dress both from vintagetextile.com


SALLY LACOCK Intricate and timelessly elegant, Sally Lacock’s beautiful collection of vintage inspired gowns are stunning. Inspired by her own personal collection of Edwardian and 1930′s gowns, every dress is meticulously created in England. I love the faded grandeur of her dresses and the beautiful soft shades of ivory. Viewing is available from her studio based in Dalston, London and she offers dresses made to order or a full bespoke service. She also sometimes stocks original vintage dresses and accessories or offers samples and discounted prices. Made to order prices start at £1,750 and her bespoke pattern service from £1,980. Full bespoke, prices on request.



All dresses by Sally Lacock


Kate Halfpenny’s dresses are nothing short of amazing! Not only is she a celebrity stylist to the stars but a super talented bridal wear designer too. I visited Kate’s studio when I was searching for my wedding dress and she is so warm and welcoming. She stocks a selection of beautiful original vintage dresses starting from £1,400 + alterations as well as her own collection starting at £2,500 and a full on bespoke service from £3,500. I actually tried on the original vintage dress below right. I loved it but sadly the style just didn’t quite suit me and I was unsure of the long sleeves. How beautiful though! Appointments are taken at Kate’s studio in Camden, London and if purse strings can stretch its well worth a visit.



1. All dresses by Halfpenny London | Top right: Photo: Eddie Judd Photography

Halfpenny also has a beautiful jewellery and head dress collection and a little birdie tells me she has recently started selling her own bespoke diamond and semi precious engagement and wedding rings too!


One of a kind gorgeous and original vintage wedding dresses are what you will find at Elizabeth Avey. Each dress is carefully sourced and dates from the 1900′s to 1970′s. Avey is the queen of beautiful short 50′s style dresses, so if this is what you are looking for you absolutely must visit her boutique in North London. Elizabeth states: “Vintage wedding dresses are my pleasure and passion. From the adventure of the search for each rare and unique piece, to the wonderful moment a bride finds her dream dress. What we do here is so exciting, rewarding and fun.” Prices start from £650 up to £1,500, with most around £850. So, so, so beautiful!



All dresses by Elizabeth Avey


Stylist and Creative Director Charlie Brear has created a beautiful collection of vintage inspired gowns, each inspired by and reflecting the era it is from. The dresses really are very special and I personally loved my visit to their boutique. They also stock a selection of original vintage gowns and beautiful antique jewellery, veils and head dresses. I love the lace 1930′s dress with its washed silk sash and puddle train – that was my very nearly dress! (shown below -top right) I’m also a little bit in love with their new Victorian style lace empire line dress (shown below -top left). The fact that you can almost create your own bespoke gown by adding or removing, sashes, sleeves, trains and flowers is a bonus too! The showroom is based in London but they do have stockists throughout the UK too. The decades collection starts from £1,280 and the original vintage dresses from £650.



Decades collection by The Vintage Wedding Dress Company


Original vintage dresses by The Vintage Wedding Dress Company


I just LOVE Belle & Bunty wedding dresses! They are so dreamy and glamorous with such beautiful silhouettes. All their dresses are available in custom colours too, so if you fancy one their styles in bright blue, no problem. They have also just launched five new styles to their gorgeous bridal collection and won ‘Tailored Bridalwear Designer of the Year 2013! Congratulations ladies! The bridal collection is available from their boutique in London and at various stockists countrywide. For dresses this beautiful the prices are actually quite reasonable, around the £1,450 mark. Its a shame as when I was getting married these beauties weren’t on my radar so I never had the pleasure of trying one on. Please make sure you do though as I’m sure you’ll agree their pretty special.



All dresses by Belle & Bunty | Bottom left: Photo: Matt Hamilton | Bottom middle: Photo: Black box photography | via Love my Dress


I hope this has provided some inspiration for all of you on the search for a vintage dress – happy hunting and good luck!
Mrs White x

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